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Five Things to Do While You're Spending Time Inside

Five Things to Do While We Stay Inside
We’re boaters – we love to be outside! But right now, as we all work together towards mitigating the effects of COVID-19, we find ourselves spending (a lot) more time inside. Here are five ideas to keep you busy:

  1. Plot out your next boat projects. Think about what type of maintenance or improvements you want to work on when we’re back in a more normal world.  Research what you’ll need to put those projects in action – budget, supplies, outside vendors, etc. Watch YouTube how-to videos - they can be immensly helpful. Depending on where you’re at, you may be able to work on those projects if you already have the supplies on hand (although what boat project doesn’t involve about six unexpected trips to a marine hardware store?).
  2. Research a new boating destination. Do you always go boating to the same places over and over again? While some regions have a bit more variety than others (our Pacific Northwest friends are especially lucky on that front), it’s still worth poking around online to see what sort of gems are out there. Maybe it’s a dream, far-off destination, or maybe it’s as simple as exploring new options you want to experience in a place you already regularly visit (different restaurants, new activities, etc.). Online versions of boating magazines are a great place to begin your research, e.g. Northwest Yachting, The Log, Sea Magazine, etc.
  3. Tour boats virtually. If you’ve been looking at purchasing a new boat, many builders offer some excellent online virtual tours, in addition to photo galleries. (Check out the Viking Yachts website – you could burn a few days looking through their virtual tours!).
  4. Use your phone… as a phone! These days, many of us only use our phones as small pocket computers… and not as phones! If you’ve been looking at any of our brokerage listings or new boats for sale, now is a great time to pick up the phone and give us a call to chat about our boats in inventory. We may also be able to do video walkthroughs of certain listings – so don’t hesitate to give the listing broker a call to find out more about a boat that’s piquing your interest.
  5. Take care of something you’ve been avoiding doing. So long as you can do so from the comfort of your own home… now is literally the perfect time to get some pesky chore or project off your to-do list. Whether it’s organizing your home office, shredding old paperwork or cleaning out the garage, there's no excuse not to get it done! (Editor’s note: My husband is manually clearing out old hard drives so he can recycle his old computers - something he’s been avoiding doing for over ten years...).

Stay Home, Stay Safe!

-Leslie Simmons
Marketing Manager at Stan Miller Yachts