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Valhalla Boatworks Announces Major Sales Milestone

Valhalla Boatworks Announces Major Sales Milestone

Valhalla Boatworks recently announced they had reached a major milestone in their budding center-console business: one hundred boats sold. Of those one hundred boats, the company shared that they had already delivered thirty boats. Considering the brand was just launched a year ago, the success is especially noteworthy. 

“The enthusiasm has been off the charts and the demand incredible,” Viking Yachts Vice President of Sales Mark Waldron said last week at the 2020 Viking VIP event (Valhalla Boatworks is a spin-off brand of Viking Yachts). The inaugural V-Series features three models - the V-33, V-37 and V-41. While most owners are buying and outfitting them for serious fishing, the boats have also found a home as high-end yacht tenders. 

You can visit the entire line up of Valhalla Boatworks at the Miami International Boat Show and the Miami Yacht Show, February 13th-17th. Or contact your preferred Stan Miller Yachts office for more information.